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Epilepsy sufferers may be at risk from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). Witnessing of night time seizures is obviously difficult. Monitoring methodologies (seizure alarms) are available but their relative efficacy and usability have been open to further investigation.
A prospective trial published in the scientific journal Neurology used the Nightwatch bracelet device in their evaluation of nocturnal epileptic seizure detection methods.

The Nightwatch device is based o
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Telemedicine in Prisons

Michale Ollove from The Pew Charitable Trusts, has written an interesting piece on how telemedicine is increasingly being used in prison to avoid prisoners having to visit hospitals and to try and save costs. The story beings with an alarming anecdote:

Texas prison psychiatrist Pradan Nathan recalls an unsettling face-to-face session with a dissatisfied patient about a dozen years ago at a maximum security prison in East Texas. The large man, a member of a notorious prison gang, insisted Nathan

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Proteus Digital Health have announced that the FDA has agreed to review it's "smart pill" that combines a schizophrenia medicine with tiny digestible sensor. When the pill reaches the stomach the pill sends a digital signal to a wearable patch that is plastered to the patient's skin. The patch then relays the signal (and combines it with other data collected by sensors on the patch such as heart rate and movement) to the patient's mobile phone. This information can then be sent by the phone to

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The future for health technologies: innovation, funding and regulation

Wednesday, 18th March 2015
Central London
This event is CPD certified

Guests of Honour: Dr Paul Rice, Head of Technology Strategy, NHS England and Dr Ali Parsa, Chief Executive, Babylon Healthcare

This seminar will look at next steps for the development and implementation of health technologies, challenges for wider take-up and investment, and the impact of d

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We've previously discussed the use of Drones for Healthcare. Now Google has entered the drone delivery space with Project Wing:

I can imagine a device like this delivering prescriptions to rural patients (as opposed to dog food in the video), or even delivering a defibrillator or other resuscitation equipment ahead of a flying doctors service.

What other uses do you think drones could have in healthcare?

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