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Dangers of AI in Medicine?

At the suggestion of Elon Musk, I've just finished reading "Our Final Invention" by James Barrett and am due to attend a talk by Nick Bostrom (author of Superintelligence) in a few weeks time at Oxford.

The books are quite scary and seem to be well thought through. Computers are certainly getting better quickly and the world is getting increasingly reliant on IT; so I agree that the risk is very real. But what does this mean for medicine? One danger I see in the near future is for "narrowly" intelligent AI malware to cause problems with health IT systems. Many IT systems in healthcare are relatively insecure (due to out-of-date computer systems, USB drives and web browsers) and cope with the problems of existing viruses and malware constantly. When these systems encounter AI malware, the problems could escalate quickly.

What do you think are the dangers of AI in medicine?

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