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University of Oxford Programmer Position

IDDO Senior Java Software Engineer - Emerging Epidemics and Drug Resistance

Applications to be received by 12pm on Friday 4th of August 2017 Grade 8: £39,324 - £46,924 p.a.

This is an excellent opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer to join the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) team. The IDDO hosts a collection of data-sharing platforms, bringing together clinical, pharmacology, molecular, in vitro and medicine quality data for a range of infectious diseases. The new platform is bu

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Patient Portals – A Guide

3301403986?profile=originalAccording to research released in September 2013, 40% of US office-based physicians currently have a portal through their practice management system or electronic health record.  Patient portal technology enables patients to use a web-based connection to communicate with their healthcare provider.


Although the technology can be utilized in a variety of ways, practices generally set up a portal to give patients the following capabilities:


Schedule appointments

Complete registration forms


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GP Workload Reduced by Telehealth?

3301417572?profile=RESIZE_180x180A new study has found that there is no evidence that telehealth alters the number of patient contacts with GP’s or reduces GP’s workload.


 “The study, conducted by the Nuffield Trust, showed that patients using telehealth contacted GPs as often as those who did not, concluding it will not reduce GPs’ workloads, despite Government claims that telehealth scheme will reduce the burden on GPs.”


Read more on the study at:  http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/commissioning/commissioning-topics/telehealth-

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NHS Open Source offer planned

3301420288?profile=RESIZE_180x180A full electronic patient record system is being planned by Hewlett Package to work on the open source framework currently being developed by NHS England.


“The system is called ‘NHS Healthcare Information System’ and will include complex scheduling, e-prescribing, requests and results reporting and an A&E admissions system.”


Read more on it at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9082/hp-plans-open-source-offer-for-nhs

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Images shared by US Patients

3301418034?profile=RESIZE_180x180It was announced to delegates on Monday at the Radiological Society of North America conference, that a project giving patients online access to their radiology images has proved that a patient-centred image sharing arrangement can work.


“William Heetderks, associate director of science programmes at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, presented about the goals of the Image Share project.”


Read more on the announcement at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9078/us-p

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3301421361?profile=RESIZE_180x180Small companies have developed 5 apps designed to encourage and help people to stay healthy.  All funded by a £2m government innovative fund.


“The apps are designed to help people beat obesity and alcohol abuse and were funded by the Department of Health through the Small Business Research Initiative.”


Read more on the apps and their uses at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9063/%C2%A32m-funds-innovative-health-apps

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Pathways for Commissioners

3301424223?profile=RESIZE_180x180As of next February, a new tool will be available to commissions to help them analyse NHS Pathways data.


The NHS Pathways Intelligent Data Tool has two strands; the Continuous Quality Improvement dashboard, and the Directory of Services Analysis dashboard.”


Read more on how it will work and what it will mean at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9066/commissioners-to-see-pathways

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Propeller helps asthmatics?

3301414350?profile=RESIZE_180x180An inhaler with a sensor is helping to reduce emergency room visits and lower health care costs by beaming data back to doctors.


“Earlier this year, 498 asthma patients in California were split into two test groups. One group puffed their inhalers normally. But the second group was given a sensor that attaches to the top of the inhaler and beams data about their usage back to Dr. Rajang Merchant of Woodland Health Care. Each day, Dr. Merchant scans a list of several hundred patients to find th

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Open for Research – The Cloud NLP Platform

3301415739?profile=originalCloud-based REVEAL technology is to be made available by Health Fidelity for research use.

The natural language processing platform converts unstructured clinical notes into rich, fully structured and coded content in real-time.


“Company officials hope the tool will help researchers find new ways to leverage the full clinical record rather than discrete data alone.”


Read more on how it works at:  http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/cloud-nlp-platform-open-research

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BT and Medred Launch Health Cloud

3301417934?profile=RESIZE_180x180A new health cloud is making strides for open health data by providing access to aggregated population data (based on an anonymized population of more than 50 million lives) going back two to five years.


“MedRed, a Washington, D.C.-based healthcare software company, and BT, a UK-based telecommunications company, launched the health cloud Tuesday with the blessing of the federal government. The White House Office of Science and Technology invited MedRed and BT to present the MedRed BT Health Cl

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Google Glass to be used in surgery

3301415767?profile=originalIt has been reported that the University of  California-San Francisco has received approval from the Institutional Review Board to use Google’s computerised eyeglasses during surgeries. It is the first approval in the US by the board.


“Pierre Theodore, a cardiothoracic surgeon at UCSF, has performed 10 to 15 surgeries using Google Glass.


The device sends de-identified radiographic images from a secure site. Surgeons then can use the images while performing surgical procedures”.


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3301418558?profile=RESIZE_180x180Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary has described the project to sequence 100,000 genomes and link these to EHR’s as potentially “bigger than the internet”.   Is this hype a reality? 


“Genetic medicine is going to turn medicine upside down,” says Professor Jim Davies, chief technology officer for Genomics England.”


Read the interview in full at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/insight/analysis/1206/ehi-interview:-professor-jim-davies

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Health data shared via Cloud

3301416481?profile=originalPublic health and population data is being opened up by the US and joining international datasets.  About half a century after epidemiology studies in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom helped build the world’s understanding of cardiovascular disease and health risks.


“As part of the Obama Administration’s Big Data Research and Development Initiative, federal health agencies are contributing five-years worth of public datasets to a cloud-based research platform being used by life sciences re

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3301421185?profile=RESIZE_180x180CMS last week unveiled a new online tool to allow researchers to access and manipulate the agency's health care data from a secure desktop computer.


“Before the launch of the new online system, CMS would field individual data requests and then prepare and send back large, encrypted files to researchers.”


Read more on it at:  http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2013/11/13/new-cms-tool-facilitates-users-access-to-federal-health-data

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IBM to offer Watson Technology to App Makers

3301406219?profile=originalAccording to a report IBM is planning to make its Watson supercomputer technology available to help vendors create mobile health applications.  It will be available as a cloud-based development platform.


“IBM officials say Watson's cognitive computing abilities could be a boon to app developers.”


Read more on how it will work at:  http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2013/11/15/ibm-plans-to-offer-watson-technology-to-app-makers-via-the-cloud

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Expectations of EHR’s are too high

3301418626?profile=RESIZE_180x180EHR’s can offer great value, feed research and give thorough data collection and analysis.  However, concern has been expressed that it is interfering with rather than facilitating doctor-patient interactions.


“The issue may not be so much the failure of EHRs, as their falling short of unduly high expectations -- expectations not only from the people who use them, but also the vendors themselves.

“I think it’s a myth that EHR vendors are going to be able to provide everything.  Every other in

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NHS England to push Tech

3301398638?profile=RESIZE_180x180The revamped NHS Mandate between the Government and NHS England contains a number of commitments to encourage the NHS to use new technology.


“The government published the first mandate to NHS England a year ago. The document is the government’s permission for the commissioning board to function, and sets out the objectives on which it is meant to deliver.”


Read more on the mandate at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9039/mandate-tells-nhs-england-to-push-tech

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Regulations on Mobile Health Apps?

3301401770?profile=RESIZE_180x180The US Food and Drug Administration, together with NHS England is working on a bilateral framework for regulations on mobile health apps.


“Last month, the FDA issued its final guidance on regulating health apps in the US, and NHS England is looking to follow in the same direction.”


Read more on the proposal at:  http://www.ehi.co.uk/news/EHI/9016/nhs-england-moves-to-regulate-apps

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3301404214?profile=RESIZE_180x180Mobile Health Apps – Consumer Use Limited 

According to a new report by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, few health-related mobile applications have gained popularity among consumers.

“For the study, researchers examined about 16,275 mobile apps that they determined had "genuine" health content for consumers (Comstock,

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Medicaid Program benefits and saves

3301413636?profile=RESIZE_180x180Colorado’s accountable care collaborative program is already showing early successes in curtailing overutilization and co-ordinating care.  Despite a number of hurdles, the analytics platform is supporting a good deal of the collaboration.


“Now covering about half the state’s beneficiaries, Colorado’s Medicaid accountable care program saw a 15 percent reduction in hospital admissions and a 25 percent reduction in high-cost imaging in the 2013 fiscal year, contributing to $44 million in savings

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